Work From Home & Love What You Do

We show pharmacists how to earn a six-figure income by building a business centered around personalized patient care.

Free yourself from all the stress that is holding you back from the career you deserve .

Does every day leave you feeling drained? Are you:

  • Wanting to get patients what they want but circumstances in all pharmacy environments make that challenging?

  • Having to juggle multiple priorities at once all day long?

  • Working in an environment that is not supportive of your family priorities (such as a sick child at home)?

  • Not getting enough support on those long tiring days?

There's Another Way


Remote Pharmacy Service Billing Codes & Reimbursement Rates

I’ve created this free resource to help you on your path into creating recurring revenue for your remote pharmacy service offerings with programs like:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring and

  • Chronic Care Management

Download yours today to get started!

“We greatly appreciate your efforts in bringing this innovative, collaborative model of care to our small rural county!”

— P.M.

Meet Dr. Thea M Blystone, PharmD

What makes TM Pharmacy Consulting a good fit for you?

’m a passionate & visionary entrepreneur with 15+ years of pharmacy experience. I have personally overcome these demands and built my remote pharmacy services to fulfill my work/life balance and professional development and career satisfaction

  • I know how it feels to juggle multiple unrealistic expectations every day and have to gather your grit and stamina to face them again tomorrow.

  • I've felt under-appreciated in several different arenas in pharmacyI

  • know that the demands of a pharmacy career are intense and every day is tiring and demanding

With a coach by your side, and a clear plan to move forward, I know you can find work life balance so that you can enjoy the rewards of a career that is truly meant for you!

“We are all very happy with your work and your patients love your checking in with them regularly!”

— S.J. (M.D.)

Let's Do This

Schedule your Pharmacy Career Strategy call

In our 30-minute discovery session, we’ll talk through your goals and how I can help you

I’ll create a customized plan JUST for you

You’ll get a couple of options to choose from that are ideal for your situation.

You can start to look forward to work again!

You can start to look forward to work again! We’ll put your plan into action with regular coaching calls, resources and supporting materials to set you up for success.

“Thank you very much for all your continued support and knowledge!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you show me how to set this up?

With the customized plan just for you, “I won’t just show you how to set it up”, I will walk you through all the challenges that I had to face and get you past every hurdle to make this your dream journey. 

What if I don’t have the right qualifications/education?

You as a licensed pharmacist, whether a rph or PharmD. have just what you need to make a difference in healthcare NOW...Never doubt your skills! Embrace their power!

How much time do I need to make this work?

With a customized plan, you will have all the needed time to make it work for you. Time-lines change and differ...but yours will work for where you are in this journey of transformation.

I am not an expert- can I still make this work for me?

Yes... You can make this work for you TODAY. You are the medication and maintenance expert as a pharmacist. Believe it!

Once you tell me how to do this, what's next?

With my guidance and support, we will execute your customized plan together. 

Are Insurances really going to pay for this?

Yes, pharmacists can get paid for delivering value-based care services to help patients succeed on their healthcare journeys


Most healthcare professionals are stretched way too thin to feel fulfilled in their career, so I’ve created a way to help them build a remote pharmacy business centered around personalized patient care so they can enjoy the rewards of a career that is truly meant for them.

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